The TRC, DOCSA & HMRCR is proud to bring you
the FOMsa "Ride to MALLALA Motor Sport Park"
& "Track Day Experience"

Tacking a break after a great session
Meet at Mundy St. Port Adelaide for the ride to the track
Ride solo or enter with your mates

Stands up from Mundy St. Port Adelaide
Full access to the paddock
Ride solo or enter with your mates
If you'd like to witness the spectacle of a motorcycle track day, then come join the friendly crew from the Triumph Riders Club of a for a social ride 60 km out to the Mallala Motor Sport Park. Once there you can relax and enjoy the excitement of a track day hosted by the Ducati Owners Club of South Australia and the Historic Motorcycle Racing Register of South Australia.

Take a walk through the pits, talk to the owners and riders and marvel at the awesome machines.

Then watch as they test their skills and bikes around the track.
All while you enjoy a sausage sandwich and soft drink at a BBQ provided by the Triumph Riders Club (TRC).

If you would like to be part of this action you can meet the TRC' Ride Leader and Marshals on Mundy Street, Port Adelaide (See Map) near Hart's Mill. If you would like to eat at the BBQ, please include that with your registration otherwise pay on the day.

We will meet at 8:15 am for a pre-ride briefing an entrants raffle raffle draw and have our stands up at 8:30am ready to go!
The Ducati Owner Club of South Australia in conjunction with the Historic Motorcycle Racing Register of South Australia, is offering a Track Day Experience for those wanting to try our their skills & machine in a safe environment. This is an extra cost and will be advised later.

Entrants will get a one day cams track license after an induction session, two track sessions and a subway lunch. Entrants will make their own way to the track to ensure they are on site for the induction session.

An form will be sent out to all registered Track Day Experience participants by DOCSA to ensure compliance with all necessary operational & safety protocols.

Ample parking at the Track
Great ride to the course for spectators
Straight run to Mallala for Track Day Spectators
Straight run to Mallala for Track Day Spectators
Ample parking at the Track
Food By TRC

The Festival of Motorcycling SA is proud to bring you the “Mallala Ride” or the "Track Day Experience"
More details coming
Proceeds to the FOMsa – SAHMRI PhD Student’s Medical Research Bursary Fund.
See you there with the whole family for a fun day out!

Register your interest in the "Track Day Experience"

Check List for Track Day Experience

Track day checklist for FOM 2022 To ride at Mallala, you will need:
To pay your Track Day Experience entry of $100 on the event entry form.
Fill out your registration form for your one day recreational licence & send it to mailto: abedford3@bigpond.com
• A one day (or annual if you have one) recreational licence (non-competitive permit). A full MA race licence will also do the job.
You will need an approved full face helmet, leather gloves and boots, leather jacket and preferably leather pants. Leathers can be zip-together 2 piece or one piece race suits.
• A roadworthy bike with good tyres, brakes and no oil leaks. Every bike will be checked before being allowed on track. All lights and mirrors will need to be either taped up or removed.
The day is run as a joint ride day for the Historic Motorcycle Racing Register and Ducati Owners Club of SA and it will take place on Fri Oct 7th.
FOM riders will have 2 sessions on track. The first will be at approximately 12:00, the second at approximately 1:00pm. Spectators are most welcome at no charge.
Step 1 - get yourself and your bike to Mallala as early as possible and in any case no later than 10:30am, in time for your compulsory riders' briefing, scrutineering and sign - on. If 30 people wait until 11 am for sign-on and scrutineering, it's unlikely we'll be able to get them all done in time for the track session. Allow time to check the bike over and add fuel or oil as necessary. Please, absolutely no oil or fluid leaks as they make the track slippery for other riders.
Step 2 - sign on. You will have registered as a participant and will have a non competitive licence to complete and sign, unless you already hold an MA race or recreational licence (current). This will need to be produced. You'll also need to sign the indemnity form at the same time.
Step 3 - scrutineering. Take your completed paperwork, along with your bike and riding gear, to the scrutineering shed. If your bike and gear checks out OK, you'll be given a coloured sticker to put on the front of the bike. and you're ready to go. Listen to the PA system which will let you know to get ready 5 mins before each of your sessions begin.
Step 4 - Ride!! It isn't racing, but it is quite different from (and much more fun than) road riding. Just keep to a consistent line and faster bikes will get past you safely. You'll have time for perhaps 5 to 8 laps per session, which will allow you to work out where you can do things better or differently. And there are always plenty of folk to give you advice! Remember to check fuel after each session.
Garages can be hired at the circuit for roughly $30 (will accommodate 2 bikes so share with a friend) and provide access to power as well as a hard floor and shelter if needed. Otherwise, the paddock is free to use.